To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is to recommend Jeff Moore for a position of employment. As someone who’s worked very closely with Jeff as a morning show co-host, I can emphatically state that he would be a definite asset to any organization. Jeff is hardworking and extremely creative. His task-oriented commitment was shown in the many extra hours he put in.  Additionally, his final products were always of the highest quality.

As someone who came into the job with minimal experience, Jeff worked with me on radio production. He was an excellent instructor, both patient and thorough. It was an enjoyable and educational experience working with Jeff.  He could break done the most complicated of task and make it readily accessible. Not a lot of people are capable of doing that.

As a coworker, Jeff embodied cooperation. A consummate team player, he heightened the work of his fellow employees.  Jeff was pleasant, friendly and always trying to assist in anyway he could.  When I began working as director of community affairs, Jeff was always incredibly helpful. Finally, his communication skills are below none and beautifully transcend both on and off the air.

In summary, Jeff would benefit any place of employment.  Quite simply, he is the kind of worker bosses are always looking for.  

Most sincerely,


Leslie Hormann
Morning Show Host
Director of Community Affairs
Summit City Radio