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Inspired by a recent email and recent events:

One hundred and forty seven years ago the Emancipation Proclamation first went into effect!!! It took nearly one hundred years before Martin Luther King said ďI HAVE A DREAMĒ. Almost Fifty more years before this country finally elected an ďAfricanĒ- American President. Some thought it would never happen. Iím glad we finally got to this point. Itís great to know that we as a Nation can grow. But, I must say Iím not happy that this president is in office. Iím not upset our president is a Black Man, an African-American, a Negro (whatever might be politically correct)! Iím just upset with his thinking; actually I sit here and wonder ďWHAT IS HE THINKINGĒ? Well, that is a whole other debate.
The real point Iím getting to is; the pendulum has swungÖ yes, we, as a nation, have become open minded to the possibilities and are opening our arms to all races (here legally). This is good. My concern is; what if that pendulum starts swinging back??
Black History Month is upon us and for some time now I have wondered IF someone was going to say ďwhy isnít there a white history month?Ē We have Black Entertainment Television, why not White Entertainment Television? The United Negro College Fund, The Black Oscars, Iím not against any of these things. My concern is the ďAfrican-AmericanĒ politicians that are NOT encouraging the people of their racial heritage to do better for themselves and quit searching for others to blame for their situation.
I have read several articles by black men and women that condemn the lifestyle that is accepted by most blacks in the ghettos of our country. I have read about the successful, professional black athletes who are role models for the black youth and these guys are dressing like gang bangers and showing NO respect to anyone. What are they teaching the black youth of today? I have read about the 20 something black women finding it difficult to find a black man her age that show any sign of maturity, respect or responsibility. These articles are by black authors. And, donít get me wrong, not all black pro athletes behave this way, just the ones the media seems to want to show us. (Thanks mainstream media).
It is up to President Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder and other predominate black leaders to try to educate and guide the black youth of America. Not just in the formal sense of the word educate but, through example. Oh, yes a double standard is called for here because; I realize, people like Ted Kennedy and Bill Clinton are not shining examples for the white youth, both guilty of breaking the law and womanizing and one literally getting away with (at the least) vehicular homicide. There are plenty other examples for white youth to follow.
We (as a country) and blacks (as a race) NEED for the most visible, successful black people; businessmen, athletes, coaches, teachers, clergy and community leaders to step up and show the way. Iím thinking about my two favorite NFL teams, the Cincinnati Bengals and the Indianapolis ColtsÖ here are 2 black coaches, Marvin Lewis and Tony Dungy (retired)! Both worked hard for their teams, communities and charities. But, pardon the expression, they and others in similar positions ARE dropping the ball. Iím not saying their hearts and efforts are not in the right place. BUT, if black coaches should INSIST their players dress more appropriately and demand more respect be shown to others; both on and OFF the field. Not only the black players on their teams but the whites as well. All too often I have seen (and can easily read their lips) players SCREAMING profanities at coaches, referees and other players. Professional Coaches need to guide their players, not only in the game they play, but, also in how to be positive role models. This is not restricted to the black professional coaches either; ALL coaches, ALL levels of ALL sports need to step up. They need to take the risk of being called racist and demand these ďheroesĒ of the sports world take the high road and where the role model hat with pride and respect. Yep, itís a little scary that our politicians, teachers and community leaders are NOT the primary role models and heroes.
Oh, I havenít forgotten about parents either, there are WAY TO MANY divorces and broken homes. FINALLY, the world seems to realize that kids NEED BOTH parents!! Thereís an old saying; donít do the crime if you canít do the time. WELL, both parents NEED to suck it up and keep the family together. If you took the vows; stick to them (for better or for worse), if you didnít take the vows; take them and live them. QUIT BEING SO SELFISH! This has become a disposable society, we throw away everything but, we CANNOT keep kicking our childrenís parents to ďthe curbĒ or weíll be throwing our kids away.
I have wondered off path. My concern is that the pendulum will start to swing back. It has taken us 147 years to get to where we are today. Iím worried that white youth might start listening to Neo Naziís and White Supremacists. The outcome would be the end of The United State of America as we know it. That is IF, our duly elected government now in office doesnít beat them to it!!