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Everybody has to remember, OUR President is only doing what he has to do to defeat the Republican Party in the 2016 elections. Not to mention this strokes his already enormous narcissistic ego. By doing this he rallies the Hispanic vote for 2016. He forces Republicans to take action i.e. Lawsuit OR Impeach… knowing that any action will push independents and fence sitters away from the GOP. You just have to understand… HE DOESN’T CARE… I wouldn’t be surprised that in his last day(s) in office … you know when past Presidents have pardoned some pretty shady characters… that BHO will pardon every ILLEGAL immigrant within our boarders in one sweeping move.

This man has said from the beginning that he was going to FUNDAMENTALLY CHANGE the USA… he said in a speech… the United States is the Greatest country in the world… and then said he was going to fundamentally change it… didn’t anyone notice this… did all you voters not get the meaning… It sounded like this to me … it’s the greatest country in the world and he planned to change that… to make it NOT so great… HE DID EXACTLY WHAT HE SAID HE WOULD DO…  I honestly don’t know the answer… but some of the best and the brightest minds in the country or the GOP need to caucus and plan a strategy and fix this damn mess BHO has gotten us into… So far the powers that be have circumvented what our founding fathers devised to prevent and NOBODY has had the backbone to say that the “EMPEROR HAS NO CLOTHES”.


JFK wrote PROFILES IN COURAGE… our congressman and senators NEED to read it… step up you greedy bastards and fix this damn mess before some other narcissistic fool attempts a coup or some power hungry dictator from over there somewhere decides to try to invade and conquer US. Nothing good is coming with the actions this narcissistic, egotistical, divisive President is taking… with the last election the country has placed a lot of faith in the GOP… and for God’s sake and the sake of this country… EARN IT… EARN THIS FAITH… STEP UP AND DO YOUR JOB… AND REMEMBER YOUR JOB ISN’T TO START WORKING ON YOUR NEXT ELECTION… DEFEND THIS COUNTRY; PROTECT THIS COUNTRY FROM BOTH THE OUTSIDE AND FROM WITHIN… FIX THIS MESS, WHETHER IT COST YOU YOUR JOB OR NOT… SHOW SOME GUTS, SOME INTESTINAL FORTITUDE… SOME COURAGE.


Jeff Moore November 22, 2014