To whom it may concern,


I have known Jeff Moore for over 8 years and have known him to be a truly committed radio personality.

Jeff always expects the best of himself and his on-air partners. He gives his listeners quality programming and entertainment that is right up to the edge but never over that edge


I always felt that Jeff gave of himself more than any partner I ever had on the air. When I had that "look" in my eye, he could always tell that it was time to give me room enough to hang myself. But then he always stepped in just enough to save me from myself. That's the perfect partner. The listeners loved it. We always laughed with them, never at them, and we made sure it showed. All listeners had our respect. Jeff taught me how to get that across on the air.


Computer skills are a huge part of Jeff's knowledge base. He has a nature that includes intelligence and "street smarts" and a kindness that his partners and listeners all enjoy. But his skill with a computer is amazing. To Jeff there is never a problem that cannot be solved, especially with a computer.


As a former schoolteacher I always considered myself rather literate but I must admit that my vanity was tossed to the wind when I argued with Jeff over trivia. He knows a little about almost everything and a lot about many things. It's fascinating but when you are as vain as I, it can be unsettling. I worked very hard to prove him wrong, sometimes successfully, but usually not.


All in all, he was a giving and knowledgeable teacher and a kind mentor, and he made radio fun while never letting me forget that my listener was the most important person in my world at any given moment.




Ricki Farnsworth