Ok folks,

As most of you know, I'm archiving a bunch of pictures of our family history. To keep everybody interested I sent a Teaser picture out a little while ago. Well, I thought I would tease a little more.

I may OR may not let you know when I am adding some more Teaser photos to this page, so you might just want to check back from time to time. And, as usual, you are welcome to open the full image by clicking the thumbnail on this page and then right click on the full image to save it.


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The images starting with the Daily cousins and mom on the deck and to the first black and white pic gallery I believe were all taken in 1977...I usually gather this information directly off the slides or have to do some sleuthing. Speaking of sleuthing... the 2 picture to the left of the kitchen were taken on a Sunday... do you know how I know??

Mom will have to tell you where the ones with her and Grammie Jackson were taken... the reason there are 3 different versions of the last picture is because I was trying different settings during scanning and this new addition of pictures all went through some digital enhancement even after the scanning process. I did keep the original scans is anyone cares to compare. Ok, finally Bill called and wanted some pics of Norman Jackson (grampie) so he could show Leslie who her son is being named after.

OK, I'm guessing the first 2 in the row below are Christmas 1974... note Ray and Bobbi are dressed nicely and cuddling openly indicates married ... Steve's beard and a clay pot says he's in college.
These pics were taken wtih my old camera so the quality isn't great... I am guessing 1971 was the year (d'oh) based on Ray's senior prom and it appears we celebrated Steve's birthday and Easter at the same time... We must have combined them  because Grammie Jackson and the Daily cousins were visiting ... it says "Happy Easter" on the bunny, birthday cake!